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Are boring sales letters sending your leads to sleep?


Quit leaving money in the mailbox.


Give your sales letters a personality makeover with powerful limited release sales letter templates that position you as the agent of choice. Always. 


We all know an agent that, in person, can sell ice-cream to a lactose-intolerant eskimo … but when it’s time to whip out their witty written words, they struggle to get their letters read, let alone save them from being slam-dunked into the recycling bin. 


Don’t be that agent. 


Make your sales letters as persuasive, powerful and charming as you are.


(Okay, you take the cake on ‘charming’, but these templates will ensure your letters come in a close second.)


So whether you’re a courteous, caring communicator or your wordy swagger is as real as your Rolex, there’s a sales letter template to suit your style.  


And there’s no need to worry about competitors cottoning on and catching up with your charming self; Each sales letter pack is a limited release and only available for a set, short amount of time before it disappears forever. 


Stay ahead of your competitors by keeping your eyes out for new pack updates. 


Ditch the hustle. Humanise your sales. Save the world from boring sales letters. 


Your sales letter success is now at your fingertips. 

This career changing list contains process for:

  • Just Listed

  • Launched

  • Auction

  • Price Change

  • Under Contract

  • Unconditional/Exchanged

  • Sold/Settled

But first, A freebie! My 51 Point Listing to Sold Checklist is a blue print to rocking what to do and when for getting the most from your listings and sales. It will deliver more buyers, build your pipeline of sellers and build your profile and build tribe in your marketplace. 

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Email Template Tool Kit

The 42 email templates that you need as a real estate agent!


'Leveraging Listing to Sold' letter packs

Choose a letter pack to compliment your style or choose all three to create market dominance.

Each pack contains five letters.


'On the Market' blue prints

Each blueprint contains my exclusive system and checklist of how to target properties that are on the market to gain immediate and massive traction. 

Choose the pack to compliment your style. Each pack contains two checklists and five letters.


Are you ready to SUPERCHARGE your real estate career? 

The #BuildYourBestLife Coaching Program + Success Manual is designed for high performing agents and those who want to become one.


This is NO ordinary "diary".


Carefully curated, tested, tweaked by me since 2012.


The Sales Manual has ALL the templates that I’ve been using year on year and developing to perfection throughout my career.


Giving you the ability to plan out each quarter, you can use it to set and track your quarterly goals, keep track of your buyer and seller lists, plan out your social media calendar, work your prospecting list and much more.


Develop habits, not hustle, this diary is designed to be a great tool to keep beside you to keep you accountable AND to provide you with all your dollar productive tasks at your fingertips.


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