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Office Pack - Leveraging Listing to Sold: Yours in Real Estate

Want access to these letter packs for the whole office!

Purchase your office licence here!

Office Pack - Leveraging Listing to Sold: Yours in Real Estate


Unlock the charm of my letter packs for your entire office!Secure your office license now!

In the second edition of my Listing to Sold Letter packs, this version is for those who might want to adopt a more formal tone of voice to complement their unique style.

If a formal touch is your preference for your letters, then this pack is tailored for you.

Maintaining a traditional and informative approach, our professionally crafted letters are designed to leave a lasting impression on both letterboxes and homeowners alike.

Set the tone with expressions like:

"I’m writing to inform you of this upcoming sale early, because this property could be exactly right for you or someone you know.”

"Being present at the auction isn’t just about the excitement; it’s a valuable opportunity to stay in the loop with the market. Knowing what’s happening in your area gives you important insights, and those insights are the key to making the right real estate decisions for you.”

"P.S—If you are curious to determine what your home is worth, please give me a call for all the current market information including today’s buying and selling trends— and no pressure.”

“It is the house of their dreams, and the timing was perfect. Get ready to meet your new Neighbours.”

The 'Yours in Real Estate' pack is your key to establishing yourself as the preferred agent in your marketplace.

Each pack includes:
✔️ Just Listed
✔️ Auction Invite
✔️ Under Contract
✔️ Just Sold
✔️ Prospecting Letter

These letter packs are exclusive 'limited releases' to ensure they retain their impact. Act now to secure yours!

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