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Email Template Tool Kit


Email Template Tool Kit


My email templates are one of the key elements in my ULTIMATE AGENT TOOL KIT.

As an agent, I realised that many of my communications throughout the day were repetitions of the same email topic. I recognised quickly that there was an excessive amount of unproductive time typing the same message over and over again.

So, I built out a range of emails that I could template to make my time more productive and efficient! I’ve personally been developing, working and refining these emails for years, adding new options and ideas as they came.

I’m sharing with you my assortment of emails that I’ve used with success over the years!

This pack contains:

  • Buyer emails
  • Auction emails
  • Seller emails
  • Pipeline seller emails
  • Referral emails
  • And some outside of the box for when you make a mistake, need to have a tough conversation or even fire a client!


All my email templates are ‘limited releases’ to ensure that they don’t become mass used by agents in the same marketplace.

Make sure you don’t miss out and purchase today!

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