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Leveraging Listing to Sold: Keeping Real Estate... REAL!


Leveraging Listing to Sold: Keeping Real Estate... REAL!


🔥 New Release! 🔥

In the second release of my Leveraging Listing to Sold Letter packs you’ll be ready to keep the conversation flowing effortlessly!

If you prefer your letters to exude a 'casual chat' vibe, then the 'Keeping Real Estate Real' pack is your perfect match.

Crafted to bridge the gap between a standard sales letter and a friendly chat, this pack creates a connection that feels like catching up with old friends.

Explore engaging pieces such as:

“P.S. I’ve got [insert number of contacts in your database] people in my database, so should you wish to sell, it’s likely that one of them could be your perfect buyer! Let’s talk today—I’d love to get to know you!”

“[Insert name], I’d be thrilled to see you at the upcoming auction. And if the idea of choosing your own neighbours sounds good to you, why not bring your favourite people along as well?”

“P.S. Talk to us today to see how we can help your home be the next BIG sale in [suburb].”

“[Suburb] is in the spotlight right now! If you want to take advantage of all this attention, this is your time. This sale and the current enquiry are your proof!”

Each pack includes:
✔️ Just Listed
✔️ Auction Invite
✔️ Under Contract
✔️ Just Sold
✔️ Prospecting Letter

These letter packs are exclusive 'limited releases' to maintain their impact in the market. Don't miss out—grab yours today!

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