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Ready to leverage your real estate career to power your dream life?

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The transformational one-on-one mentoring program for agents ready to success-proof their business, listings and systems to build the life and lifestyle they deserve. 


Imagine it …


A passport so stuffed with stamps to exotic holiday destinations that people wonder if you’re secretly James (Jane) Bond on vacay. 


A balanced calendar that makes you feel so completely calm and in control that being stretched thin and stress breathing into a paper bag seems like a lifetime ago.


Beautiful holidays spent with friends, family and loved ones … and actually making it home in time for dinner. 


Not to mention having the freedom to buy and invest in the things (#allthethings!) and experiences that light you up. 


Feels good, doesn’t it?


Let’s make it happen. 


Hi there! I'm Sherrie Storor.


I’m an in-demand real estate coach that specialises in mentoring agents to leverage their business and to create sales systems, structures and teams that level up their growth and serve their success … all while working fewer hours and bringing in MASSIVE profit. 


Which is code for: I help agents supercharge their success.

In my career, I’ve launched a multiple-office project marketing and residential sales business, offloaded my vast rent roll for a record sum (in record time), grown a database of 35,000 engaged contacts, personally sold more than 850 properties and have been associated with the transactions of 4,000 others. 


I practice what I preach and what I preach is harnessing your career as an agent to leverage your success, so you have more time to spend doing the things you love with the people you love. 

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Why you need a mentor

My one-on-one coaching is a completely customised sales training, mentoring and accountability experience designed to upgrade your individual skills, assets and knowledge so that you can find your edge, outperform your competition, amplify your success and become the high-profile, powerful agent you’re destined to be. 


Because I’ve been where you are: Hungry to learn, improve, grow and harness your real estate career to build your best life in and out of real estate. 


… But feeling like you have to hustle, hard, (ugh) to gain even an ounce of traction.


Which means:

  • Failing to reach your potential and bring in the income you know you deserve. 

  • Struggling to balance life with work and irritating your loved ones by spending way too many hours glued to your phone, laptop and listings calendar. 

  • Frantically building a team to support you … but spending more time managing them than getting results, or not knowing where to start in building one. 

  • Constantly working in chaos and needing to implement the right sales systems and structures. 

  • Feeling invisible in the shadow of your competitors who, somehow, seem to bring in more leads, sell more properties and get more recognition than you. 


I’m here to tell you there’s a better way. An easier way. 


The mentoring experience

With my exclusive one-on-one agent mentoring, I’m here to empower you into the next chapter of your life as a successful agent.


Each mentoring experience is completely customised. There is no one-size-fits-all. Every agent is different. With different backgrounds, experiences, goals, skill sets and mindsets, every agent needs something completely unique. Which is why every program I write is different. 

After you lock in your spot, I’ll complete a situational analysis and due diligence to identify where I can help you the most to ensure massive growth specific for you, your business and your team. 

I’ll then harness my experience, expertise and proven results-focused strategies to personalise a six-month program that amplifies your goals. 


You’ll get three hours of exclusive face time with me each month (in person, online or phone) where we’ll hone in on exactly what you need to perform at your best. 


Together, we might work on upgrades, your business structure, implementing proven sales systems, improving your dialogues, building your celebrity profile and even mastering critical conversation. Basically, it’s everything you need to build your best life and break into the next level of your career as THE ULTIMATE AGENT. 

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Mentoring Results

Curious how your life will look, feel and change? Hop into the passenger seat of my time machine. Here’s a sneak peek into the types of results you could achieve after mentoring with me. 




  • Upgrade your real estate business in EVERY area.

  • Use systems that work in society and the marketplace TODAY, not system and marketing that worked two, five and even ten years ago. 

  • Have built a self-sufficient and highly motivated team that leverages your time and enables you to sip mimosas while they do the ground work for you. 

  • Ditch the 24/7 hustle and go on holidays (first class!) whenever you like because you have powerful built-for-success systems and processes behind you that hack your productivity and efficiency. 

  • Achieve RECORD prices for your clients … 

  • And RECORD high gross income commissions and profits for you too. 

  • Conquer your competition and become the popular, powerful agent of choice in your area.

  • Understand buyer and seller psychologies and have the tools, education and skills to effortlessly and consistently transform your pipeline into listings and sales. Sans sleazy selling tactics!

  • Have a tribe of clients that edify and champion you in the marketplace. 

  • Make space on your mantlepiece for all the impressive awards you’re winning.

This could be you!

Ready to become one of just 20 agents I exclusively work with each year?

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