Targeting On the Markets: Keeping Real Estate... REAL!


Keen to keep the conversation flowing?


If you like your letters to have a ‘casual chat’ vibe, then the ‘Keeping Real Estate Real’ pack is for you. 


Designed to connect with the reader by humanising a standard sales letter. This pack feels like you are having a conversation amongst friends.


With pieces like:

I was in [suburb] this week, and the For Sale sign out the front of your home caught my eye. I’m sure there has been strong interest from potential purchasers and you’re busy prepping for open homes and packing moving boxes! 


Keeping you in the loop… Here’s a candid look at the current [suburb] marketplace.


If you’re ready to get the removalist booked, why not make the most of my extensive knowledge and direct experience?


The ‘Yours in Real Estate’ will assist you to get listings fast from genuine sellers who are in the market today!

If you consistently follow the two blueprint checklists outlined in this pack you too can achieve guaranteed listings and sales outcomes.

Included in this resource kit you will find:

- Campaign #1 Process:

        - Day 1 letter 

        - Day 40 letter 

        - Day 70 letter 


- Campaign #2 Immediate Traction Checklist 

        - Day 90 letter 

        - Day 90 + 20 letter


All letter packs are ‘limited releases’ to ensure that these letters don’t become mass used by agents in the same marketplace.


Make sure you don’t miss out and purchase today!