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Targeting On the Markets: Here to help, not HUSTLE!


Targeting On the Markets: Here to help, not HUSTLE!


Here to Help not Hustle is the BOLDEST of my letter packs.


Designed to bring all the authenticity back to real estate and break the traditional mould of the real estate letters.


With a LOT of personality they are pretty much guaranteed to be attention grabbing when you are targeting properties that are currently listed on the market.



If you want letters that read like:


It’s official now – your For Sale sign is up. Your house is looking its best and the garden is picture perfect. I noticed it as I [drove past/walked the dog/went on my morning walk] yesterday so I thought it’s worth getting in touch.  


You might recall I dropped a letter in a few weeks ago when your For Sale sign went up. I haven’t noticed that magical Sold sticker yet. I’m not one to lead you on so I’ll cut to the chase… 


It’s time. To get the sale, sign the contract and move on. And it’s probably time to ask some questions about how the sale process is going. 


If you consistently follow the two blueprint checklists outlined in this pack you too can achieve guaranteed listings and sales outcomes.

Included in this resource kit you will find:

- Campaign #1 Process:

        - Day 1 letter 

        - Day 40 letter 

        - Day 70 letter 


- Campaign #2 Immediate Traction Checklist 

        - Day 90 letter 

        - Day 90 + 20 letter


All letter packs are ‘limited releases’ to ensure that these letters don’t become mass used by agents in the same marketplace.


Make sure you don’t miss out and purchase today!

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