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Real Estate Mercenary or 'Agent For Life'.

I have a question for you…

Are you a real estate mercenary? Or an ‘Agent For Life’?

Have you put thought behind what type of agent you are and how you are representing yourself in the industry and to the public?

What’s the difference you ask?

A real estate mercenary is an agent that is partaking in the industry purely for personal profit. They form no bonds with their vendors or buyers and aren’t particularly interested in the end result apart from how much money is made and they have a burn and churn approach.

A real estate mercenary is in the game purely for personal monetary gain.

On the opposite side of the sphere is the ‘Agent For Life’.

An ‘Agent For Life’, was motivated to get into the industry to help others. They may have had a past experience where they realised how they could improve the industry or offer services they felt they didn’t receive.

An ‘Agent For Life’ is in the industry to help people on their property journey and to be of service to them.

They form strong bonds with the vendors and buyers, truly spend time getting to know their wants, desires and needs. They provide quality advice to guide both parties through the decision-making process.

Through the buyer/seller journey and the relationships they build, they become trusted advisors to the families they work with.

Clients know that they are trustworthy and are often repeat and referring clients.

Our industry has been burdened throughout the years with the unfortunate stereotype of real estate mercenaries. But in my experience, with the people I know and work with, there are a whole lot of ‘Agent For Life’ agents out there.

Being a real estate mercenary is out of favour.

Real Estate Agents are service providers. To have longevity and success in this industry it’s important to nurture and build relationships with the people that are in the community that we service.

So, which agent do you want to be?

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