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Building Effective & Profitable Teams

Sherrie is frequently asked about ‘how to build an EBU (Effective Business Unit)’.

Thus the 2-Day EBU Conference was born.

This event is designed for those who have a team or if you want one. So if you have a team, bring them along!

There will be workshops to build out your team roles, responsibilities and each team member's ideal week.

During the two days, you will learn:

  • Outlining the goals, you want to achieve & and making a clear plan.​

  • Building out your vision.​

  • The best structure that suits your team.​

  • The roles and responsibilities of each team member.​

  • What to look for when recruiting these roles.​

  • The systems and processes you will need to implement.​

  • How to run and manage a successful and profitable EBU allowing you to achieve financial freedom!

DATE:                                            30th & 31st July, 2024

LOCATION:                                  Brisbane, Venue TBA - Announcing very soon!

PRICING:                                   First Person - $995
 Person - $595
                                                         Third Person + - $395

We recommend you bring your team! This is how the pricing works...
Purchase a full-price ticket for $995 - bring a second team member and pay $595 for their ticket. 
If you want to bring along 
three (or more)  pay $395 each for their ticket.

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