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How to set your goal to become a million-dollar agent.

You’ve got BIG dreams for your real estate career.

You can see what you want to achieve, you know why you want to achieve it, but you get stuck on how you are going to achieve it.

This is where an often-overlooked tool in our arsenal comes into play. Goal setting.

Done the right way, setting goals provides you with direction, a pathway to follow and a plan to adhere to along the way. It keeps you motivated and drives you towards those big dreams, step by step.

So how do we go from dreaming big, to setting goals and taking action?

First things first we what to reflect on where you have been. Don’t limit yourself here to looking at your business.

Reflect on where you are in your life too – what lifestyle you live, your health and relationships should all apply in your goal setting.

Write down all the things you have achieved (and celebrate!) and the places you have any opportunities for growth.

This provides you with the benchmark to work from.

The key stats in your business over the last 12 months that you need to look at are:

- The GCI you achieved.

- The number of transactions you made.

- The number of auctions you held.

- The number of pages of print advertising you achieved.

- The average VPA per transaction you met.

Now we have your baseline we can work out what you want each section of your life to look like.

Break down:

WORK: GCI + Number of auctions, listings, sales + Projects + Training

FINANCIAL: Savings + Super

HEALTH: Exercise + Wellbeing + Diet

LOVE: You + Partner

FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Communication + Children + Parents + Siblings + Pets

FUN AND REWARDS: Holidays + Mini breaks + Material Rewards + Experiences

Don’t be shy here! This is your chance to dream as BIG as you want to go!

These goals are where you want to be. Now the fun part is working out how you are going to get there.

Because we have your key business stats from your previous year, we know what you’ve done to get where you are right now. We can use that information to work backwards and determine how many listings, sales and listing presentations you need to do to reach your desired GCI and income needed to meet your goals!

The next thing we look at is breaking these down into bite-sized steps that move you forward. It’s about creating daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly habits, keeping yourself accountable to them and implementing the systems that allow you to keep moving forward.

Following this process has led me down the path to achieving things I never thought possible. It helped me become a million-dollar agent, build multiple million-dollar businesses, and allowed me to build my best life.

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