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How to power up your social media strategy.

Right now, in our world of real estate, we have access to so much third-party information and data that we have collected throughout our time in the industry. As tech has evolved it had opened up opportunities to turn our data collected into a super powerful tool that can help you grow your business, elevate your profile and reach the right buyers and sellers in your market.

So how can you use your data to do this? Take your social media accounts.

If you are running a social media account for your business or profile, using this tool to its full potential should be a non-negotiable.

If you haven’t yet, load your full database as an audience into your Facebook Ads Manager. You’ve now created a list of contact that you’ve met out and about that you can now reach on their social media channels.

Think of all the potential things that you can now do having a list of warm contacts at your social media fingertips.

You could build your brand and profile within your community buy targeting this database with videos, blogs and post educating them about the market, products, knowledge around housing and renovating and the local area.

You could segment the lists and target audiences with specific information, you could break it down via house type, price range, location or even the style of house they are looking for. You can then target this audience with similar properties when they launch on the market.

You can even create a ‘lookalike’ audience of your database. Think of it as Facebook creating a doppelganger audience, they have all the same behaviours and demographics of your database but have as of yet to land as a contact on your page.

Using data doesn’t stop here with Facebook. You can also reach your potential audience using the data points that Facebook has collected. For each property list, you generally have a pretty good idea of the type of person who is going to purchase it. Look at the demographics of where these people live, where they shop, what they buy and what their interests and their hobbies are. You can select those items and target people that display those exact behaviours using Facebook advertising. Smart right?!

Adding strategies like the examples above can be learnt or you can outsource it. Use them correctly in your business and you will see a massive difference! Not only are you using your data in a powerful way, but you’re also leaving no stone unturned in finding the right buyer for the right property.

It’s also an incredible value-added service you can provide to your vendors. Not only are you reaching the right buyers, but you’ll see better quality people through the front door as well.

Our customers are a lot more aware of the power of digital marketing and social media in this day and age. It’s more important than ever to meet your customers’ expectations where they are and be knowledgeable about what it can do for them.

If you’d like to hear more about how using your data to its powerful potential and how embracing digital and social can help you level up your career, then tune into this weeks episode of the Build Your Best Life Podcast. I sit down with Jamie Harrison from Kollosche on the Gold Coast. Jamie has built a successful business using the exact strategies outlined above and you’ll hear more about how he integrates it into his business and what successes he has had!

You can listen in to episode #22 on your favourite podcast channel below:

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