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Dominating Your Market.

Real estate is a business of ebbs and flows. When the market is on fire things are great, but when it pulls back, we tend to as well.

Difficult markets, however, are not the time to pull back. They are the time when we should double down.

Super investor, Warren Buffet is known for saying “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”. He attributes his investing and business success to this simple idea.

What he means by this is when markets are hot, people can get caught up in the success. They buy more than they can afford and take greater risks. However, this is a time he is suggests being conservative. When markets are tough, people panic and sell. Often at a loss. This is the time that he suggests going hard.

When applying it to our industry, it is sound advice.

Take the current market. It’s time to be greedy when others are fearful.

In other words, now, while others are being conservation, it’s your time to go hard.

If we apply this to your marketing, now is the time to take up the advertising space others have abandoned.

Take over your local print newspaper.

Dominate and Domain and ensure your listings are in pole position.

Promote your properties on social media – both organic and more importantly paid.

Presence is power and in a tough market it’s when we need to ramp it up.

By making yourself known to your marketplace and dominating with your presence, you are lining yourself up to successfully flow through a difficult market.

If we apply this to you own self development, now is the time to double down on levelling up.

When other agents are leaving the industry it’s time to invest in yourself instead.

Spend the money and invest in coaching.

Invest in seminars.

Invest in how you can better yourself when others are being fearful!

There are so many opportunities out there for you to take advantage of RIGHT NOW to dominate the market!

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