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Do we need to change society's view of real estate agents?

It’s never sat well with me that professionals in our industry sits so poorly in the eyes of our consumers.

The real estate industry ranks as one of the worst professions in regard to ethics and honesty.

We are perceived as untrustworthy, unethical, greedy and sneaky.

In the Roy Morgan Image of Professional Survey, our industry has only 7% of people surveyed ranked been Real Estate Agents as ethical and honest.

The only two professions that ranked lower were Advertisers and Car Salesmen.

This is terrible!

It bugs me because I know so many hard working, value adding, professional, amazing humans that are

phenomenal real estate agents.

Yes. I agree there are ‘bad’ real estate agents out there, but why do we so readily allow the small few to taint the rest of the industry? Why are we allowing this terrible stereotype to continue?

Is it finally time that we stand up and start changing society’s view of real estate agents?

it’s time we need to start working together to improve this.

It after all, starts with us.

Work with your buyers and sellers and build authentic relationships. Connect with them, heart to heart.

Become their trusted advisor.

Make buying and selling property a positive experience for them.

If you are acting the polar opposite to what society thinks, it will help burst the collective stereotype.

By being the best agent, you possibly can, there is a flow on effect. It can only bring positive outcomes to your own business.

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