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Converting leads into sales and building bank.

Sometimes in our careers, we hit a sales plateau and all of a sudden, we’re struggling to get the sale.

We’ve ticked all the boxes, trusted the process AND You know give great service and have a great product, but no one is buying.


We need to take a step back and have a look at our sales process, fix and refine it.

Selling isn’t about us salespeople, it’s about helping people achieve their goals!

So how can we pull apart our sales process and put it back together, offering an exceptional customer experience?

I’ll give you a head start and share with you MY very own 7-step guaranteed process on how to convert leads into sales.

Step #1: Building Rapport

This is your opportunity to not only build a relationship for this transaction but to build a relationship that grows into the future. In this step, it is your goal to authentically connect with all your customers through the sales process, build the relationship and become a trusted source

Step #2: Probing

Once rapport is established, it’s time to start asking the questions.

You want to ask open-ended questions for them to fill the answers, your goal is to drill down their needs and explore how you can help them!

Step #3: Find YOUR Edge + Deliver YOUR pitch

You’ve built rapport and you’ve refined down what they are looking for, now you need to establish who you are. Pinpoint why you a different to your competitors and use this as your EDGE! Did you know that perfecting your elevator PITCH is the second most DOLLAR productive activity you can do? The more practice you do and the more effective you communicate your pitch the higher your conversion rate will be!

Step #4: Features + Benefits

A feature is a part of your product or service.

A benefit is the positive impact it has on your customer. E.g., Faster, better, easier, longer, shorter.

How do the features and benefits of what you are selling apply to your specific customer?

Define and discuss these. The better you get at communicating why your product and service is the perfect match, the easier it is to take them through the selling journey.

Step #5: Trial Close

A trial close brings you two opportunities.

The first being that they buy it on the spot, Yay!

The second offers you the opportunity of discovering where their blocks are to buying!

Step #6: Overcoming OBJECTIONS

If you’re being faced with objections, empathise with them. Clarify by asking ‘what is it you are unsure about?” and revisit the features and benefits. Be fluid in your explanations. If you didn’t quite answer their queries for them last time, redeliver it but in a different way. Communication is key.

Step #7: CLOSE

You’ve overcome all the objections, it’s now time to ASK FOR THE SALE!!!!

Always assume that you are going to sign the business up there and then, so be prepared with all your paperwork and sales machines.

If you are struggling with your sales conversations, revisit each step and audit yourself! Discover where you feel like you are lacking and build some systems and structures around resolving it!

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