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Conducting your own Q1 goal review.

Can you believe Q1 is almost over?!

It’s time to check in. Are you on track to building your best life?

Setting goals and working to achieve them is one of the fastest ways for any real estate professional to make positive changes in their life. Conducting quarterly reviews is a solid way to audit how you are tracking. You can find any places where you may need to work a little hard, tweak your targets or even add in new goals!

A quarter review starts for me by reviewing my goals, review my previous goals and dive into detail about what went well and what didn’t. Drilling down into the detail is what enables me to set myself up to level up even further in Q2!

Firstly, you will need your goal list that you set at the beginning of the year under the following categories:

WORK: GCI + Number of auctions, listings, sales + Projects + Training

FINANCIAL: Savings + Super HEALTH: Exercise + Wellbeing + Diet LOVE: You + Partner FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Communication + Children + Parents + Siblings + Pets FUN AND REWARDS: Holidays + Mini breaks + Material Rewards + Experiences

List out each individual goal and outline where you are in relation to achieving it.

Then it’s the deep dive. Be honest with yourself. If you haven’t achieved what you initially set out to, that’s okay. It may mean that you just need to tweak the goal in a way that it works in with your lifestyle.

Ask yourself:

- What went well last quarter and why?

- What didn’t go well last quarter and why?

- Is there anything I could change this quarter if I had a ‘do over’? What would I do better?

- Are there any commitments that are standing in the way of me achieving my goals? Is it possible to get rid of them?

- Are there any goals I need to tweak and why?

- Are there any goals I need to get rid of and why?

After you have answered all the questions, outline your refreshed goals for Q2 and where you want to be when that quarter is over.

Goal setting and tracking takes time, so ensure that you are scheduling it into your diary and giving it the space that it deserves. It is well worth doing and will help you stay on track to building YOUR best life!

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