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Building and leading an effective team.

Building your agency, your team or even an EBU (Effective Business Unit) is one of the best ways to build your business.

By building it correctly leads to career fulfilment, profitability, freedom, legacy and longevity.

Building a successful team can at times be confusing and overwhelming. But at its core, I recommend you define the purpose of your team, develop the direction that you want to take, build their roles out from there and how you want to work together. This helps you hire and empower the right people.

All these elements are essential in having the right level of attention to detail given to your team member to set them up correctly, giving yourself the best opportunity of building a strong, well-run operation.

Once you have figured out and set up the physical, financial and practical structure of your team, it’s time to hone in and focus on being the right leader.

Leadership can be a tough gig. Leading a team is one of the most important parts of your role. There is a balance that needs to be struck in your business between leading your team in the direction towards the goals that you are aiming to achieve, which should receive at least the same amount of attention as your dollar productive tasks do!

But the good news is, with the right teachers, focus and practise, being a leader is a learned skill a

Throughout my career, I’ve led many teams. From early on in my sales career through retail, owning and managing my own chain of agencies and working my EBU’s. I found the greatest way to developed and build my leadership skills was by learning from those that had come before me. I looked for those that had lead influential and successful teams, in business and in sport and learnt from their wins, losses, trials and errors in their careers.

One of the most influential leaders in Australian sport is Nathan Sharpe.

One of Australia’s most decorated rugby players, in his 15 years of experience, Nathan was the Captain of the Wallabies, played in three Rugby World Cup campaigns, awarded twice the prestigious John Eales Medal, for Wallaby Player of the Year and upon retirement was Australia’s most-capped forward with 116 tests and the second most-capped player ever.

Nathan also has extensive off-field experience in the media and is heavily involved in the Resource and construction sector through Brunel, who acquired his former company, SES Labour Solutions.

If you want to hear more and be inspired by Nathan’s stories and wisdom, he is going to be one of the Rockstar speakers for my Mastermind program!

Nathan will be sharing with my participants his knowledge on building strong teams, motivating and leading them to success. You can apply to join ‘MASTERMIND. With Sherrie or Find out more about the program here:

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