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Building a Celebrity Profile

Can you guess what topic I’m most passionate about when I talk to agents about building and growing their business?

100% it's how building a celebrity profile in your marketplace can accelerate the success of your business. Creating a celebrity profile IS one of the most impactful things you can do as a real estate agent and as an agency.

Building my own celebrity profile as an agent and business coach has opened doors, built my business and provided me with bountiful opportunities that I wouldn’t have had the chance to do. Opportunities like speaking on stage as AREC, being a host and interviewer at Inman Connect in New York, having a coaching waitlist and getting to work with the BEST roster of clients ever.

Throughout my career, I’ve actively sought out and learnt from successful people in sports, business, in life and those achieving great things.

One of the key items over time I realised was that all of them actively participated in build a personal brand and profile that not only edified them to their markets but also attracted new business to them.

One person who particularly left an impression on me was Lorna Clarkson, CEO, founder and global powerhouse behind Lorna Jane. A woman whose name is instantly recognisable for the global business and brand she has built.

Lorna IS the pioneer of the concept of activewear as a fashion item. She saw an opportunity when she was an instructor having difficulty finding functional clothing that fit and looked good that would suit her lifestyle. In her search she realised there just wasn’t anything on the market, so she went for it!

Designing and piecing together ideas on her living room floor and packing orders in her kitchen.

By leveraging off her own name she’s now grown a highly reputable, well know global business.

In fact, Lorna has does this SO well that her stores don’t even have her name on it anymore, just an icon.

Lorna’s journey hasn’t been an easy one, she’s had to face very public challenges along the way. BUT I’ve always found it inspiring how she has handled each challenge and has been able to leverage and overcome them.

Her personal brand has grown so synopsis that later this year we are even going to get to see her in action on The Celebrity Apprentice!

My Mastermind participants are going to get to hear even more of Lorna’s story and how she did it in their session with her later this year. They will be able to learn what she did and implement it in their own way into their own businesses!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can join my Mastermind, visit the page here:

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