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The key to nailing real estate social media.

Social Media is an important tool for a real estate agent today. What better way to find your clients than to be on the platforms that they frequent the most?

It’s a modern prospecting tool that can bring in leads, nurture prospective clients and keep in touch with past clients.

You can communicate with your whole audience through a single post, so it’s crucial that you are allocating the right amount of time, energy, and resources to developing and creating content.

In real estate, while you work for an agency, you are also your own brand. How you present and portray yourself on social media should reflect who you are in person.

Success on social media is about delivering consistent, valuable content to your audience that helps educate and help them.

Posting irregularly, posting just to post or just putting up just listings and solds isn’t how you want to be managing your social media accounts if you want them to be successful.

Social media is SOCIAL. Imagine sitting in your living room with a friend and all they talk about is a single topic over and over and nothing else. You’d tap out pretty quickly.

The same thing happens on your social media pages. People go there to be entertained, engaged and to connect.

So how do you set yourself up so you can nail your real estate social media?

Allocate regular time in your schedule to map out and plan your social media. In my #BuildYourBestLife Success Manual, I have a weekly social media calendar.

This is a great scheduling and planning tool that will keep you consistent, however you may have to plan ahead to create the content you are sharing, like educational videos or blogs.

Building a content bank so you always have something to post is critical. Book a quarterly photoshoot in with a photographer.

Locking this in means that you will always have images ‘in the bank’ to use ahead of time. No more scrambling to get photos or posting images you aren’t happy with. You’ve got a content bank.

Planning is key for success in social media and if you work ahead of time, build a content bank of images and videos you will be on your way to nailing your social media!

I also have something that may help…

If you’d like someone to walk alongside you and help creatively direct you on a photoshoot, join me in my ‘PHOTOSHOOTS. With Sherrie’ Sessions!

You will get:

- 20 professionally photographed and edited images of you that can be used on social media or your personal marketing.

- Allocated photoshoot time block with two of my favourite photographers in two different locations.

- My template and guide on how to get the most out of all your future photoshoots.

- Creatively direction on the day by me, Sherrie Storor! I'll be present to help guide and direct you through your photoshoot.

With sessions in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast in August, find out more here.

Interested in my #BuildYourBestLife Success Manual with all my templates, checklists, and processes? You can find it here.

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