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Prospecting in the year 2020.

Traditionally, prospecting has been all about door knocking, phone calls and letter box drops.

But in 2020 there are so many other ways to prospect.

Now I’m not saying these options don’t have their uses and they should still be a staple of your prospecting plan.

But 2020 offers you a chance to think a little outside the prospecting square.

There are ways to prospect that are more comfortable to you, that suit your personality and the way that you operate your business better!

It’s time to thinks about your daily habits that align with your personal life.

Do you have kids that are involved with schools and sporting teams? School drop off and weekend sport can be a great opportunity to prospect!

What about you?

Are you part of any fitness groups or sporting teams?

Are you a regular at a hair or nail salon (guilty!) and recognise the other clientele?

There are many different places that technically fall under the ‘life’ banner that can be tapped into under the ‘work’ banner to be aware of!

Consider tapping into local networking groups as well. Does the area you service have a council of chambers that you can join? Are their local networking events that you can attend?

You can even attend, get involved with or host events or lunches that would be educational and beneficial to your target market. It doesn’t even have to be a real estate event!

Social media can also be a useful tool for prospecting. You’re building trust with an audience that has chosen to follow you. Cementing who you are as an agent and your values.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple shout out that you’re looking for new listings!

Consider using social media ad campaigns as part of your prospecting plan too.

A well-built campaign that retargets specific audiences with the right material at the right time can help funnel leads right into your inbox. This isn’t just about boosting posts!

It’s about using the ads available to their full capacity.

Prospecting in 2020 has the opportunity to look very different for you if you tap into all the resources at your fingertips. It’s time to “give it a go” and look at your life and where all the opportunities exist to help you #BuildYourBestLife!

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