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Here's what I did in 2022 - My Year in Review

Before you get stuck into 2023, I want you to sit down and take stock of your business and life in 2022. Every year at the end of the year, I take a moment to reflect on the previous year.

An annual review examines what happened in the past year, what you learned, what went wrong, and where you can improve.

The majority of agents are so busy with their daily duties that they rarely take the opportunity to pause and review their business performance. BUT...your business's growth depends on taking the time to reflect.

You will be better able to plan for the coming year if you have insights into what worked and what didn't last year. In addition, it highlights everything you have accomplished over the past year. Those things we might have brushed aside or moved on to the next challenge at the time. But with a little hindsight, they're a big deal.

So, for full transparency, I want to share with you my 2022.

Last year was quite testing for me on a business and personal level. Unfortunately, in 2022 there was a considerable amount of death throughout the year of people that I greatly cared about across family, friends, and mentors in my business life.

Whilst it created a fair amount of inconsistency and took me out of the office quite a bit, the blessing was that I was able to take time off to spend with those people I needed to and grieve.

I’ve spent a lot of time creating processes and procedures within my business that enable it to continue flowing whilst I couldn’t be there, and I am incredibly grateful that this work could support me in a time I needed it the most.

There were some other great things that happened in 2022 that are a cause for celebration.

In 2022, I grew my team further. I have quite a comprehensive recruitment strategy and it’s resulted in building a team that works exceptionally together and on their own projects.

We also had the chance this year to relaunch my podcast ‘Build Your Best Life’, and so far, we’ve had some INCREDIBLE people sharing their stories. Think the likes of Andrew Bell, Director + Chairman of Ray White Surfers Paradise, Simon Baker, Chairman of Proptech Group, Sarah Ward, Lead Agent at Stone Real Estate Illawarra, and so many more.

Being able to share the knowledge of these incredible leaders and help those in our industry accelerate their careers has been such a huge win for me!

This year I also hosted the BIGGEST and most fulfilling MASTERMIND. with Sherrie ever. We had some of the most incredible ROCKSTAR speakers including Li Cunxin, Director of QLD Ballet and author of Mao’s Last Dancer; Johnathan Thurston, Rugby League Legend; Phillip Di Bella, Coffee King & Founder of Di Bella Coffee; Deb Farnworth-Wood, Owner of Issada Cosmetics and Founder of Australian Skin Clinics; Kristie Walker, Founder and Director of On track Investigations and Naomi Simson, Founder of RedBalloon and a Shark Tanker!

It has been the most rewarding of all of my programs, both for those in attendance and for the impact it has also had on my personal well-being in my own life.

2022 brought with it its own trials, but there were plenty of things to celebrate once I took the opportunity to look back.

2023 is going to be HUGE, and I’m so excited to share with everyone what we have planning for Real Estate Nation!

If you’d like to listen to the ‘Build Your Best Life’ Podcast, you can find it here:

If you’d like to find out more about MASTERMIND. with Sherrie in 2023; check it out and apply here:

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