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Your Next 90 Days in Real Estate

Did you know that with the right approach you can completely transform your business in the next 90 days?

With the right strategy, planning and implementation in place, it can be a career-changing 90 days for you and your business.

Want to know what that looks like?

You need to follow the formula below:

✔️ Setting the right goals

✔️ Hold yourself accountable.

✔️ Implement systems and structures to achieve these goals.

✔️ Turning the systems into habits.

Let's deep dive further...

Defining your goals is the first step. The goals are divided into three categories: long-term (3 - 5+ years), annual, and quarterly.

Setting these three goals will help you identify what your big picture 'best life' looks like. Consider your partner, family, lifestyle, finances, and career. What do you want your 'best life' to look and feel like?

Now it's time to break down each step into small, attainable steps you can take to reach your bigger-picture goals. We set these quarterly and annually and review them!

The life we want is in our sights... but how can we afford it?

It is at this point that you begin to look at what you can accomplish with your business. Every quarter and annually, set goals for your target GCI (Gross Commission Income), number of sales, number of listings, and number of presentations. Depending on your market, you may also want to set a goal number of auctions and tenders, VPAs, print ads, and social media advertising.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘implementation is key’.

If you want to achieve a career-changing 90 days, it is crucial that you choose a few projects you can implement into your business. Projects without implementation will produce the same results, year after year, quarter after quarter. Small bite-size changes consistently add up and make a huge difference to your business over time!

Creating habits.

Now that you've set your goals and created an implementation plan, it's time to turn these actions into habits.

Habits must be specifically structured around doing the dollar productive activities. Those that lead to listings and sales. These tasks should become the foundation, base and platform in your real estate business.

Keeping accountable.

Your goal setting process ends with finding a way to hold yourself accountable. Identify your motivation. Could it be a reward or a penalty?

Reward-motivated people think of holidays, days off, massages, or jewelry as motivation.

Penalty or loss motivated people need to find a penalty that ignites the fire within them.

Want to learn more?

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