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Why perfecting your Open Home can mean massive growth in your business.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

On your journey to becoming THE ULTIMATE AGENT, perfecting the operational process and client experience of your Open Homes is an essential element. Get these right and you open homes will become a resource for future business and referral streams.

Open Homes offer plenty of opportunity for your real estate business.


- Showcase YOU as an individual agent and your agency

- They give you the opportunity to rise above your competitors and show your point of difference

- Are an opportunity to build your database – collecting contact details of attendees at your opens is the fastest way to build your database. BUT data is only king if it is clean!

- If set up the right way they are a great prospecting tool for future listings and cross-selling buyers.

- Are the perfect place for future sellers interview to interview YOU. Sellers visit opens to experience how you would show their property and for the full ‘buyer’ experience.

- Are the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate why you are worth more It is an opportunity for you to show your value and in turn provide evidence on why you are paid higher commission rates.

- AND along with all the other benefits, they are where you have your best chance of making a sale!!!

Preparation leads to success on ‘Gameday’.

Being organised by preparing your folders during the week, packing your back early, organising your keys and putting everything in a ‘grab and go’ order are all strategies to make your day run as easy as possible. ‘Gameday’ can be fast-paced with our schedule alone. Preparation takes control of the day. It minimises the chance of any stress and drama. Minimising stress and drama allows you to harness your focus on buyers and sellers and be more dollar productive!

Being prepared also gives you back time to go the extra mile and create an experience with the property presentation at the open home. It gives you more time to connect with your buyers as your focus is not on logistics. If you want to stand out over your competition two easy ways to do this is:

1. Immediately after the open home film a video to send to the buyers that attended and update the sellers.

2. Make your callbacks on the day of the open – don’t let the experience you’ve created go cold!

Reframe how you look at open homes. They are not just another task on your list, they are a tool in your belt to provide a greater client experience. Use them as a prospecting tool and showcase your ethics, skills and point of difference. They are also the best day of the real estate week!

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