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What you can do to nurture your leads and turn them into clients!

In the processes of our business as a real estate agent, our activities provide us with many opportunities to build a database of leads.

Whether it be through open homes, email enquires or your prospecting activities once you have added these contacts to your database our job doesn’t end there. It’s time to use this valuable data, nurturing our leads, turn them into clients and build a prosperous business.

But how do we go about doing this and build a business that had been future-proofed?

Our leads need more than a single high-value touchpoint to convert to being a client. That means that creating a nurture trail using the tools in your tool kit is key.

Create a structure of touch points using tools like:

Phone Calls

Communicating via videos + SMS

Handwritten notes

Letters Social media



Content Marketing

Automated marketing campaigns

Retargeting digital ads

Aiming to create multiple communication touchpoints with future clients will only work if you are providing GENUINE VALUE.

This is not calling a lead to vaguely ‘check in’. It’s contacting them with or distributing high value informative and useful information to them.

What does this look like?

It is providing in real-time, pre-release properties, market updates, stories of the sale, helping address any challenges. You need to be the authority in market knowledge and product knowledge.

You can distribute market information and educational videos via your social media channels.

Distribute newsletters (with permission) to a well-segmented database.

Leverage your listings and use the process of selling a property to inform your database, the neighbourhood, and your social media channels.

You can retarget people that engage with your listings with other similar or relevant properties.

The key here is to map out a customer journey from lead to client and automate future touchpoints with them. So that you know they are being well informed, looked after and nurtured within your system!

If you’d like more information and want to access my 51-Point Listing to Sold Checklist that you can use for every property, you can download it FREE, here.

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