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Turning your real estate enquiries into new business

Every enquiry that is made to your business is valuable.

Working in real estate means that the number of enquiries that are reaching you can sometimes seem to be never ending.

But it is super important that you view each and every enquiry as an opportunity. Yep! Even the ones that you think might not be!


New enquiries are an opportunity to not only build your database full of valuable and engaged clients, but it can also help you to build your celebrity profile and social media following.

Changing your mindset and viewing your enquiries as a valuable asset to your business is a MUST.

Then setting up the foundations in your business to manage your enquiries in the right way will help you create mad raving fans, even if they DON’T buy or sell with you.

There are several different directions that your email enquiries can come from.

  • Website + email

  • Phone

  • Social media

  • Referrals

Whilst each type has a slightly different process to follow for tracking, collecting data and responding to each of the enquiries are an opportunity for you to create a memorable impact.

Responding to all your email enquiries will ensure that you stand out from other agents in the industry.


Two very revealing and important statistics to be aware of.

  • 48% buyer enquiries are never responded to.

  • 25% seller enquiries are never responded to.

If you set yourself apart from the industry statistic by responding to all enquiries, you are on the pathway to building an attraction model business.

Make sure that you are providing value to the enquirer and make your communication impactful and meaningful by:

  • Providing distinctive service

  • Showcasing your passion for the property

  • And enthusiasm to assist them on their property journey

The key to finding the value in your email enquiries is by responding to ALL of them and in a timely manner.

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