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Turning back time.

Before we move ahead and close the book on 2020, it’s time to turn back time, break down the year and conduct an analysis.

With the year that we have, I can understand any reluctance that you may have on revisiting a year that was turbulent and challenging.


Looking back isn’t only a way to see where you can improve, up-level and implement new system and structures, it’s a time where you can look at what you achieved in the last 12 months and celebrate it as well!

Look at how quickly you adapted your business to change.

Look at how quickly you embraced new technologies and new ways of operating.

Look at how you implemented new strategies and systems to run your business in a new era.

And look at what you still managed to achieve while doing this in the middle of a global pandemic!

What else do you need to look at in your 2020 analysis?

First, take note of the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year. We’ll use them to gauge where you wanted to be, against where you are and use it to set your goals for the year ahead.

Gather all your figures.

Map out how many listing presentations you conducted.

List how many properties you listed.

Calculate how many properties you sold and how much you earnt from them.

Calculate how much VPA you collected for each listing.

Notate how many of these properties sold via private treaty and how many via auction.

Calculate what your average commission figure was.

Now, look at the semantics of your business.

Where are you struggling in your business?

Where do you need help in your business?

Where can you improve, up level or change?

How can you improve in each of these sectors of your business? What do you need to do to implement change? Is it outsourcing a skill, hiring someone, taking a course or getting a coach?

The next step in our process is to USE the information we’ve pulled from 2020 to build out your goals and break down the steps so you can implement them in 2021!

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