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The rollercoaster ride of 4 years in business…

I’ve just reached a BIG milestone in my business. Real Estate Nation is now official 4 years old.

The past 4 years have been a rollercoaster for sure…

There have been many ups and downs over the past four years, but when I say rollercoaster, I mean the FUN kind of rollercoaster.

The kind that may have terrified you in moments on the ride, but as soon as you got off, you’ve jumped straight back on the line to have another go again.

I started Real Estate Nation because I could see a few ‘holes’ in the industry that I just knew I could help with. It has always not sat well with me how agents are viewed in the marketplace. I know so many incredible, driven and inspirational professional agents that work hard. I also know how hard it can be to get your hands on the right information to become a professional agent. I knew that being able to change the marketplace’s view of the industry had to be done from the inside.

Real Estate Nation is a society of real estate ‘citizens’ that are doing the best and highest quality work within the industry and their community. In turn, the by-product of all their hard work is freedom, wealth, and success. (I have something HUGE coming in this area so watch this space!!!)

The main driving factor for me transitioning from a successful real estate agent (and one of the most common questions I get – why I gave it up!) was I wanted to help be the change.

I was starting to find it demotivating listening to speakers telling everyone they had to hustle and grind. I knew there was another way. I was sick of people talking big picture strategies but not providing agents with the actual steps to get there. I knew there was a modern approach to doing business in real estate and I was looking for a challenge! Once I started seeing all of this, I realised that if no one else was going to do it or talk about it, that person had to be me!

Once I made my decision, I went ALL IN.

I took all my years in real estate and started turning it into usable tools.

I created my coaching structure and programs.

I committed to 4 years of learning EVERYTHING and have in that period, run national events, printed a book, launched a podcast, learnt how to run and host webinars, built funnels and so much more is coming.

I committed to investing all my income back into the business. It’s only been very recently that I started paying myself more than $36,000 (less tax!) a year.

I used that income to outsource my social media and accounting. I’m a big believer in growing my business using the knowledge and experience of others – we absolutely cannot be the smartest in the room about everything and I knew I had to stay in my zone of genius!

I also learnt in building this business to prioritise myself, my health, time off and my relationship. Something that is ingrained into my business to this day.

I’ve learnt the skill of boundaries – I used to say yes to all business, but now I know the value of saying no to the wrong clients, wrong sponsorships and agreements and saying yes and investing time with the right people.

I’ve also learnt that the information and education I provide is so valuable to the people I reach that I rarely do my work for free anymore. For me to continue to spread my message I need to earn an income to do so!

COVID brought its own challenges where doubt entered the chat for the first time. When something is so out of your control, it’s refocusing your mindset and reassessing where you can pivot. It was tough but it’s opened up so many more doors and ways to do business for me than I could previously see!

One of the biggest things that I’ve experienced in my business is deciphering between the people that are your cheerleaders and that want you to succeed and the ones that want you to fail.

When starting your business, the ones that tell you that you can’t do it or that it’s not worth it can sometimes sound like a voice of reason. But they’re not. If you know in your heart that you have something to fight for with an idea, stick to it. There will always be people that want you to fail so they can be there when you do. BUT if you stick to your goals and vision, you will open the doors for your true supporters who lift and help you rise!

So that is year four.

I can tell you, the vision for Real Estate Nation just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. 2022 has a lot coming for it, with something particularly exciting being launched next week! If you are ready to be a million-dollar agent with the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of…keep your eyes peeled.

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