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The real estate Olympics is every listing presentation.

Think about it.

As real estate agents, the listing presentation is our championship event, it’s the real estate Olympics.

We nourish our knowledge by doing relevant courses, get coaching, attend training and tick off those CPD points.

We practise day in and day out and experience failures and successes by prospecting. We make the calls, knock on the doors, letterbox drop the street, network amongst our community and have profiles on social media.

All to lead us to the listing presentation.

It’s a super competitive space. You’re competing against other professional agents in your marketplace.

You’ve spent all this time working on prospecting, but have you dedicated any time to practising, refining and developing your listing presentation?

The listing presentation is not a meeting that you ‘wing it’. This is the place where the best agent wins.

It needs to be viewed as your Olympic event and you need to prepare yourself as if it is one. You need to mentally prepare; you need to practice, and you need to have your tools in good operating order.

Are you preparing a different sales strategy for each listing presentation you conduct? Each property has its own unique features and the owners have their individual reasons for selling. These should be taken into account when customising a strategy.

Have you thought about the timing of the sale? When is the best time to bring the property to market AND how long a campaign should you run?

Have you done the work and know each and every comparable property, the local street and any recent sales and can tell a story about them and why they are relevant?

Have you found your EDGE yet? Do you know what your point of difference is? How do YOU stand out from the other agents that are presenting? Why should the vendor select you? Pinpoint why you are different. Do you have an elevator pitch that is short concise and to the point that sells your services? It’s important to sell yourself at the listing presentation.

How well prepared is your listing kit? Do you have examples to back up your experience? Does it contain examples of your successes - case studies and samples of your past superior campaign strategies?

Do you know your marketing? What are the names of the listing levels across the portals you advertising on? Can you list off the benefits of them? Can you answer the question ‘why should I be on them?’ succinctly? What is your marketing point of difference? For example, if everyone else is doing twilight are you doing daylight? Instead of sitting back and waiting for people to come to you, do you have marketing strategies in place to be proactive, those that actively hunt down leads?

Have you set a structure for how you are going to managing the meeting? Are you prepared yourself for curly questions that you may be asked?

How are you personally showing up? Are you dressed appropriately for your marketplace? Are you showing up with great energy and excitement?

Find your edge above everyone else in the marketplace and treat every listing presentation like it’s your Olympic event because there are a lot of agents out there that aren’t.

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