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The ‘pre-work’ you need to do for your social media photoshoot.

If you’ve booked a social media photoshoot with a photographer (or are joining me at my ‘PHOTOSHOOTS. With Sherrie’ session!) there is one critical item that you need to prepare prior to ensure that you bring your vision to life!

You can communicate your ideas clearly by preparing a photographic brief! This doesn’t have to be long and elaborate, it does however have to be well thought out and decisive!

In my collaborations with the photographers I use, here are a few things I include in my brief.

What is your objective?

What is the purpose of your brief? Are you looking to get some corporate headshots? Do you want images that you can use across your marketing? Or more candid social media images. Outline your goals for the photoshoot so that both yourself and the photographer are on the same page and can work towards them.

What is the Mood / Style?

This is the fun part of the plan. What is your vision? How do you want these photos to feel? Do you have a particular style?

Here you can do some research. I source images I like from Instagram, Pinterest, brands I like. Anything that provides me with inspiration I save. I share these images in my photography brief, so the photographer has a visual reference of what I am trying to communicate.

HOT TIP here… Save posts of certain poses that you resonate with. You can use the document on the day for inspiration if you feel like you are stalling behind the camera. Works a treat!!!

The Specifics.

Use this section as a checklist to note all the images that you want to walk away with on the day. For real estate agents things like:

- Setting up your open home flag or signboard

- Setting up your open home marketing collateral

- Setting up and finessing the details in an open home – e.g., fluffing pillows, rearranging flowers.

- Taking names at the front door of an open home

- Interacting with people in your open home.

This list will also show you what you need to bring and prepare for on the day of the photoshoot!

Remember you only have a limited time to achieve your images in a photoshoot, so make sure that this list is well thought out and achievable within the package you have booked with your photographer!

The best photoshoots are the ones that are well thought out, you’ve prepared prior, and your vision is well communicated with the photographer.

If you’re interested in joining my ‘PHOTOSHOOTS. With Sherrie’ where I will help you build and creatively direct your vision, find out more here.

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