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The Path To Leadership in the Real Estate Industry.

Leadership. It’s an important role to fill within our industry. To inspire, lead the way, support colleagues, push for innovation and to drive improvements to our industry.

For those striving to become leaders in the industry, it can be confusing to determine how to reach a leadership role. It is 100% possible to be a leader in our industry or your office, whether it be as a franchise or as a principal, as the team leader of your EBU or as an individual. It is possible to be seen as a leader in your community. So how do we do this?

Personally, I think leadership is a fluid practise. Not only do different times call for different forms of leadership, but we as people are constantly learning, changing and improving. Who we surround ourselves with, our direct report and colleagues, and the longer we are in leadership positions can also influence the way we lead.

Leadership to me means staying true to your own personal values, ethics and business goals.

Leadership is about standing up and speaking up even when you know that others will disagree with you. But doing because you believe and know it will help others.

Leadership is about inspiring and motivating others and showing yourself and your true self. It’s about exposing your vulnerabilities, your weaknesses and asking for help. It’s about working together in a collaborative way that as a team you will all get through it or that you will build it together.

It’s about planning and implementing together.

It’s about acknowledging your weaknesses and surrounding yourself with others whose strengths lie in these areas.

In order to become better leaders’ tomorrow, we need to know where we stand today. So, one of the first things we must determine is what type of leader we wish to be.

Assess yourself.

Fill in the blank: ‘A good leader should always….’. 

The answer to this question may lead you to the style of leader that you wish to be. How you wish to be lead may also be what others are looking fir in direction and inspiration. 

Ask yourself:

What have you bought to the table through COVID?

How have you changed your mindset regarding leadership in 2020?

Do you define leadership by pushing others down, or are you empowering and lifting those that you work with?

Do you see yourself as a leader in your office and your community? And if not, then perhaps it’s time to step up. What can you do to give back?

Who can you reach out to start pushing you in different directions, to stretch you, to provide better service to your clients and to step up to as a leader in your business and community?

Next, find yourself some role models in the industry that match the traits of leadership that you wish to emulate and make your own. We have some incredible inclusive and transformational leaders in our industry at the moment. Those that positively lead the way, support and encourage us to reach our dreams.

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