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The motivational nudge you’ve been looking for.

It’s a guarantee that at some stage in your career you might find yourself a little unmotivated.

It’s harder to find the energy to do your dollar productive tasks – making the calls, sending out your prospecting letters or emails, following up your pipeline and more.

I know all too well what it feels like to lose your steam, it’s the worst! Been there, done that!

You are not alone as many of us in our industry have experienced this many times before.

BUT it’s super important to find ways to get yourself out of your rut and fast, so you’re not impacting the lifeblood of your business for months to come.

Here are some of the best tips I’ve tried to help you get motivated and productive when you don’t want to be!

Take a break.

Bet you didn’t think I would suggest this first!

One of the MOST important things I have learnt over my career is the importance of rest. When you are well-rested your concentration is better and you are more productive and effective with your time.

Lack of motivation can be a sign that your approaching burn out. So use it as a sign to rest, reflect and recuperate. You’ll find in no time your motivation comes back!

Rest is not just a holiday. It’s really anything that gives you a break from your regular grind.

Think: taking a few hours off, a long weekend, taking yourself off for a massage or treatment. It can even be as simple as allocating time to unplug from any distractions. Unplugging is a great option as it forces you to focus and get your tasks done with no distractions.

Review your goals and vision. Sometimes our vision of what we want our life and business to look like changes, but our goals and tasks don’t. This can lead you right down the path to procrastination and being unmotivated. Something as simply reviewing your goals and making adjustments gives you the push you need to get up and get back on track.

Any time is the perfect time to review your goals and vision. Make a list of all your tasks and break it down into manageable items.


Treat yourself!

If you are struggling to complete a task, set yourself a reward whatever it is you need to complete!

Something so simple can kick start your motivation.

The bigger the task the bigger the reward. Clients of mine have set themselves rewards from afternoons off to big jewellery investments and holidays.

Set the atmosphere.

The place you are working in can massively impact your motivation.

Are you finding the place you are working day in and day out from, is becoming a little stale?

Mix it up! If you can, change up your work location.

Set your scene, make your workspace somewhere you enjoy being – play music, burn a candle, have a tidy up. Anything that makes it comfortable.

Create a workspace that is conducive to your mindset!

Need extra help getting back on track?

Working with a coach, like me can also help! From my #BYBL Success Manual, Agent tool kit, 90-Mentoring and 1:1 coaching, there is something for everyone.

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