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The modern approach to real estate prospecting.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

There are more ways to prospect than cold calling or door knocking…

I’ve shouted this from the rooftop, but in today’s real estate landscape, I think this statement is even more important today than it has been ever before.

While there is still a place and a time for both, it’s time to diversify and meet our buyers and sellers where they are spending their time.

So, what does that look like?

The past 15 months and the challenges presented with COVID have moved people online. We’re now showing homes with video inspections and running online auctions.

If our buyers and sellers are shopping for property online, they are definitely shopping us as well!

So, what does your digital profile look like?

How are you presenting yourself online?

What better way to connect with your buyers and sellers than through social media?

In 2021 if you want more listings, you should be operating not one, but TWO databases.

The first is the one you’ve built from open homes, cold calling, door knocking, your CRM.

The second is the audience and connections you are building across social media.

Building a social media database is POWERFUL.

Think of it this way. If you are working your CRM database, you’re reaching out to each person individually.

You work your social media database by putting up a single post and reaching multiple contacts. It’s like dialling up your database!

Just like working your CRM database, ‘making contact’ with your social media database needs to be purposeful.

A big mistake agents make with social media is treating it just like a listing platform and only posting new listings, sold properties and information about their achievements.

While this is important, it shouldn’t be the largest portion of content you are distributing to them. Social media is the top of your funnel in growing your audience. You need to inform, educate, entertain your audience, and keep them engaged to get them to follow you and stay following you.

Become their trusted digital advisor with your information.

Agents also need to be more present on social media. Show your face! Social media is used to connect. We don’t see enough of them in amongst the just listed/just sold posts.

Society wants to engage with people they know and like. A smiling picture of you tell a thousand words and if you’ve dropped pictures of yourself amongst your property posts, you’ve probably noticed how your engagement has skyrocketed when you do!

You need photos of yourself on your feed like:

Photos in the office – Working at your desk, meeting with clients, talking to staff, with any awards you’ve won, walking down the street outside the office.

At open homes – opening the door, putting out your flag, prepping the property, taking details of leads, candidly talking to buyers.

At auctions – taking registrations, you working the room, talking to the auctioneer.

At property photoshoots – directing the photography, you behind the camera.

This is just a small sample of images you can get. The scope of different types of shots you can use is endless!

Taking images of yourself to integrate into your marketing can be a little overwhelming if you haven’t don’t it before.

If you’d like someone to walk alongside you and help creatively direct you on a photoshoot, join me in my ‘PHOTOSHOOTS. With Sherrie’ Sessions!

You will get:

  • 20 professionally photographed and edited images of you that can be used on social media or your personal marketing.

  • Allocated photoshoot time block with two of my favourite photographers in two different locations.

  • My template and guide on how to get the most out of all your future photoshoots.

  • Creatively direction on the day by me, Sherrie Storor! I'll be present to help guide and direct you through your photoshoot.

With sessions in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast in August, find out more here:

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