The lessons learnt 3 years in business.

Three years ago, to the day, I gave up my day job and I started working in my coaching business full time. I had been working as a full-time agent and coaching agents and businesses on the side. I soon came to the realisation that while I loved working as a real estate agent and am still passionate about it, coaching and helping people achieve their wildest dreams was what really set me on fire.

We often get caught up in the day-to-day of building our businesses that we don’t stop and celebrate our milestones and achievements! What we have achieved is incredible. Period. It has involved daily effort, hard work, grit and perseverance. So, I hope by sharing with you my celebrations it encourages you to celebrate too!

It would be an understatement to say I’ve learnt a lot in the last three years! Running my own coaching business and facing daily challenges and learning new ways of doing things has taught me a lot.