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The importance of self-care in supporting your career.

There is one thing that I want to speak up about and highlight in our industry. Something that I believe we are all guilty of and not prioritising what we really should. Especially seeing the year, we collectively as a whole have been experiencing.

It’s self-care.

We get into real estate and stay in it because of our love of it. Often, we love it so much or find it so rewarding or are so driven to meet ‘million-dollar agent’ status that all of a sudden, we are working seven days a week and 80+ hours. And we do this for months. But our love of our jobs doesn’t protect us from the inevitable. Burning out.

It’s time for us to start prioritising our health, wellness and families and build a structured, efficient and sustainable business.

I think one of the most important things to talk about that isn’t, is how much sacrifice it can talk to become a million-dollar agent. It’s glitz and glamour all the time. It’s just that for the parts that we see.

If you have a family, think about missing your kids’ milestones – first days of school, sporting carnivals. Or missing birthdays and celebrations of your extended family or even going without a break, that “flight mode”, for years.

Sometimes our sacrifices even come down to our own health. Existing on coffee, take away and little sleep is not going to give you the ability to perform at your best. And it shouldn’t be the first thing that goes.

So, how do we change things?

Start by figuring out your values. What is it you want to achieve in your life? When do you want to be? What do you want to prioritise?

Look at your figures. How much do you need to earn to live a life that meets your values?

Look at your business and see when you can improve and work smarter, giving yourself the room to prioritise you. Retrain your brain on the way you do things! Think about how an EBU could help you grow your business and allow you time off. Think about what tasks in your business you can automate or delegate or even get rid of. Learn how to work ON your business, not IN your business.

Get a coach! It’s a coach’s role to help you make your business match your values. They have an outsider view, can help simplify your roadmap and keep you accountable to change!

Learn how to say no and take time out for you. You won’t be letting people down if you prioritise your needs first.

Learn how to switch off and on at the right time. Your off and present with your family and friends but on and putting on your real estate ‘show’ when you are at work. There needs to be a distinct difference between the two.

Don’t let what you love doing take such a toll on you that it impacts your health or relationships.

In this week’s Build Your Best Life Podcast episode, million-dollar agent Melita Bell from REMAX Success in Toowoomba takes us through her journey. Melita shares with us the impact of being a million-dollar agent has had on her life. The highs, the lows, the sacrifices and the illnesses. It’s an incredibly vulnerable episode and Melita shares a huge amount with us.

You can listen in to episode #18 on your favourite podcast channel below:

If you are looking for ‘more’, sign up the #BuildYourBestiIfe Coaching Program and reboot your 2020 here:

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