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The highs and lows of 2 years in business.

Sherrie Storor

The past 12 months have FLOWN by in a blur!

This month two years ago, I left my full-time job in real estate and launched my mentoring and coaching business.

I’m a strong believer in completing a ‘year in review’ and do this with all my clients. If you have a challenging year you can look back and see that you’ve actually achieved more than you thought!

Year 2 in business brought to me:

  • Working with 36 incredible agents in both my 90-day coaching and 1:1 mentoring program. I’m so proud of all the amazing things that you all have achieved this past year.

  • Running the Women in Real Estate Business Breakfast Series in FOUR states this year. We hit Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. We had 32 incredible industry speakers – Both women and men AND covering all roles within the industry. We had 1200 amazing people attend.

  • Launching my ‘Workshops with Sherrie’ Webinar series in Partnership with RateMyAgent. With their support, I’ve been able to connect with agents all over Australia – metro agents, regional agents and rural agents!

  • Launching my Agent tool kit on my website and releasing my ‘On the Market’ Blueprints and Letterpacks!

  • An amazing relationship with as 1 of only 9 agents to be part of their advantage plus program. has also been the major sponsor of the Women In Real Estate Business Breakfast series for the past two years, enabling me to bring an event that I am passionate about to you.

  • Countless keynote speaking opportunities such as Domain’s Leadership conference in Port Douglas, RETG’s ‘Prepare Promote Prosper’ Tour, Laing&Simmons Conference, MORE event in Brisbane, Real Women In Real Estate in Byron Bay and many more!

  • Attending Inman Connect in New York this year and conducting interviews with International leaders of our industry for PropertyTV.

  • Working on and designing my industry-first real estate diary – stay tuned! The team and I have invested countless hours into this, and we are just about to hit the launch button!

  • I've sold 8 properties this year. I truly love selling homes and it's been an honour to work with those who entrust me with their homes and lives. I've loved collaborating with other agents. I don’t just remain an active agent because I love it, I also do it to make sure that my systems and structures remain relevant when working with my coaching clients!

This year was a year of challenges, growth, pushing boundaries and doubling down on my beliefs.

In year 2 I also learnt:

  • It’s okay to “fire” a client – Sometimes we take on business knowing that it’s not going to be a great match. This year I let go of a client before they started because I realised that our partnership was not going to be in the best interest for both of us. It’s okay to do that!

  • The Business Breakfast Series threw ALL sorts of curveballs at us this year. Including supplier, no shows, missing champagne, illness, venue letdowns and even a badly sprained ankle! The series is purely a passion project for me. This year it monopolised so much of my productive time. I learnt that I was way more agile and had the ability to pivot in times of crisis than I realised. I also learnt that maybe there is an opportunity to run this event in a different way – stay tuned for next year!

  • To focus on one task at a time (haha!) We have so many ideas and have been trying to execute them all at once. This year I learnt that we need to work on one thing at a time, becoming more proactive and project-based, than reactive.

Even though year 2 brought ALL the challenges, it really cemented that I truly LOVE what I do.

If I could give a little bit of advice - ANYONE can do this.

Launch your dream job, build your best life.

It’s all about taking the leap.

I won’t sugar coat things, there will be late nights and hard work. But I can tell you that it has been all worth it.

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