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The definition of a celebrity agent.

What is a celebrity agent?

In my mind a celebrity agent is someone who has built a stellar reputation within their industry and their marketplace.

It is an agent that has spent the time and effort building their presence.

A celebrity agent operates from a place of authenticity. Building heart to heart connections.

They operate ethically and build strong, valuable relationships with their buyers and sellers.

They become trusted advisors.

They know who they are, what they can do, deliver on their promises and don’t commit to things that they cannot achieve.

Celebrity agents aren’t just about the dollar signs and they don’t see their clients just as a transaction.

They create experiences for their sellers, who have just handed them the keys to their most valuable asset and for their buyers who are about to make one of their biggest investments in their life.

They become a celebrity agent within their market place because of the way they treat and service their buyers and sellers. People talk. And agents become celebrities through their client’s network and because of their reputations.

Celebrity agents care about their clients and want the best for their owners and tenants.

They are professionals who have spent time developing a unique and high achieving skill set.

Real estate is a people business.

And the celebrity agents are the ones that are putting their people, buyers and sellers, first.

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