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The biggest day of a real estate agents’ week.

Open home day is the biggest and most important day of the week for an agent.

With our busy weeks and full to-do lists, they can sometimes feel bothersome, unnecessary and a pain to do.

But I’m here to remind you that if you are feeling this way (as we all do at some point), it’s time to flip your mindset and get refocused on their value.

Open day is a real estate agent's GAME DAY. It’s SHOWTIME!

All your hard work in building relationships, listing properties, guiding vendors through preparing for sale and marketing the property all culminates at the open home.

There are SO many opportunities available for current and future business that present themselves at open homes. BUT you have to be prepared for it.

Open home day is the #1 day of the week for agents to meet and build relationships with your ideal client. The people that you meet on open day are on the journey.

There is no better way for you as an agent to build your database. Be focussed on capturing clean, usable data. We’ve all heard it before, but data is KING. But only if it is clean and input into your CRMs accurately

The data you capture at an open home can be added to your database for future communications. Via a weekly EDM or newsletter, by adding them as audiences to social media channels and using those audiences to advertise to whether it be properties or your services. There is so much value in the audiences that you collect via your open homes.

Open homes are also an opportunity for you to showcase your skillset, what exceptional and rockstar services you provide, how you go over and above and your professionalism.

Not all visitors to your opens are buyers. Some are vendors researching agents in the area for their own property sale and for checking out comparable properties to their own. Do your job well and you can not only sell a property but gain future listings as well.

Open home day just doesn’t end with your inspections. I hear from a lot of agents that they do their callbacks on Monday morning when they get in the office. I often question this as where are most people on Monday morning? Back at work, rushing to start their week, dropping the kids off at school?

I would recommend completing our first round of callbacks on the same day as your open home. This creates urgency with those hot buyers to move forward and make an offer! If you do not manage to contact them the first time, I had a policy of calling 4 times (over the following few days) and sending a follow-up email if no contact is made. It is a sure-fire way to show your sellers that you are doing everything possible to follow up and secure a buyer for their home.

Your vendor has spent time and potentially a lot of money to prepare and present their home. They have opened the door allowing them to go through their sanctuary the least the attendees could do is provide feedback.

Open homes hold so much potential and value for agents. The most valuable thing you can do on open day is be present, focussed and available. Put on your best suit and your best attitude and make the most of every opportunity.

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