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The BIG lessons I learnt in 2019.

Last year was a MASSIVE year for a lot of people.

It was a year of personal expansion and a lot of it happened in quite dramatic and traumatic ways.

While it wasn’t the most pleasant way to learn, I always think it’s a good idea to revisit those moments of learning. Some of them we may have handled perfectly and if that’s the case we deserve to acknowledge ourselves for that.

Others we could have dealt with better. These ones are important to review, no matter how uncomfortable, because of the lessons, we can learn from them.

2019, was a year of lessons for me and I want to share them with you, in case they help you face or process anything that you experienced.

#1: In 2019 I realised that everyone has big HUGE issues that they are dealing with or have dealt with. Family, loss, hurt. These are massive experiences and very rarely shared.

You are not alone in having adversity in your life and having to overcome it. You shouldn’t have to feel like you have to deal with it alone. Adversity can tear some families apart and it can bring people closer together.

LESSON: You don’t have to do things alone. Lean on the people you have around you.

#2: Agents had a bloody tough year in 2019 - floods in Townsville, fires across the country, a tough market with fewer listings. These being experienced personally and professionally. From these experiences it’s apparent that there is becoming a BIGGER gap in between the good agents and the exceptional agents - This will continue to widen in 2020.

LESSON: These experiences help you build skillsets you never thought you would need. They challenge you to look at your business differently, diversify and become more agile. If you go with it, this is when you become an exceptional agent.

#3: Collaboration is key. Many agents want to help others within our industry and in our marketplaces. As a society of agents, we are community-spirited and we are knocking down those walls of what the marketplace perceives as a money-hungry and untrustworthy agent.

LESSON: It’s time to start working with, not competing with our colleagues in our industry. Let’s band together!

#4: On a personal level, 2019 was a good hard look at the relationships in my life. I realised that a lot of them were based on my giving and the other party receiving. This is something that I fully participated in; it was the foundation these relationships were built on.

I realised that I gave too much in the hope that it would be reciprocated when the time called for it.

LESSON: I said goodbye to these relationships in 2019 and honoured myself and instilled personal boundaries. This part of my life has now flourished with even more relationships and friendships that are reciprocal and not conditional!

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