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Taking your business to the next level.

When you think about it, what are the key elements of a successful real estate business? In my mind it is one that:

Is profitable, with healthy margins.

Has systems and structures in place so that you are organised on a day-to-day basis.

Has a strong, high-performing team that compliments each other’s skillsets.

Allows you to build wealth and legacy and provide them with freedom & choice.

Gives you room to develop, grow and refine your leadership skills.

One that allows you to take time off and out of the business where the business still continues to operate.

With the right action plan, owning a business like the above is within reach. Growing a business like this is all in your control.

One of the biggest benefits of our industry is the flexibility to grow your business to the level of success you aspire to and so you can build your best life!

So, what does this look like?

Building the right foundation for your business is the beginning. Outline your goals, define your mission and develop a monthly action plan to drive you towards your results and keep you accountable. Part of this stage will be clarifying where you’ve been, where you are at now and how high you want to reach. Create a compelling vision for your future.

Set yourself a weekly, quarterly and yearly plan so that you can develop and build a strong, stand out brand, build a celebrity profile, grow a highly profitable team and establish a digital empire.

Actively implement a personal growth plan so that you can strengthen your mindset, mental clarity and mental toughness. Discover what style of leader you are, learn how to become exceptional at it, how to delegate responsibility (because we all find this hard!) and build amazing teams.

Start ‘future visioning’ how you can grow your finances sustainably, build a legacy and free yourself from your business. It’s important to build into your business the foundations for you to exit your business now so that you can do it profitably.

Lastly, always be learning. From high-level experts in the industry. From high achieving athletes, business leaders outside the real estate industry and from inspirational people accomplishing incredible feats.

If you’re looking for a program that offers all of these elements, ‘MASTERMIND. With Sherrie’ is for you. For business owners, agency owners, management positions, selling principals, high performing agents and those wanting to take their careers to the next level.

This is a program that has never been seen before within our industry and will never be repeated again.

In it, you will hear from some of the smartest industry experts, business leaders and inspirational humans from outside the real estate industry on how they achieved the success they have. You will have access to high-level experienced learning, performance coaching and top-level expertise in the business of listing and selling real estate.

With participants from all over the nation flying into Brisbane each month to participate in the program, it’s selling out FAST!

Find out more information and apply to participate here:

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