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Real estate relationship building – heart to heart connections.

Real estate is a business built on relationships.

We are being invited into people’s lives and whether it is by helping them sell their home or buy a new one, we are helping them through a pivotal moment in their lives, and often with their greatest investment.

Yet with all this responsibility upon us, there are still businesses that operate with a solely transactional approach. One that focuses only on making the sale. Relationships are superficial and once the business completes the transaction, there is minimal future interaction with the buyer or seller. It’s all about the burn and churn.

It’s no wonder our industry has a bad rap at times when for our buyers and sellers it’s a HUGE moment and for those businesses, that moment is just a number. It’s an approach that is not meeting the needs of our buyers and sellers.

Real estate isn’t a transactional business game. It's about building heart to heart connections with your clients. A real estate agent that focuses on building and nurturing relationships will build a business that thrives.

As a real estate agent, heart to heart connections with every person that I interacted with, where a buyer or seller was always a focus. I’ve always loved the people side of the business and helping them purchase their dream home or sell their greatest assets was what drove me. I loved helping people.

But spending time building those relationships ended up benefiting my business in ways I could never have imagined.

I became the trusted industry advisor for so many families, businesses and investors.

I grew a tribe of champions, that edified me in the marketplace.

I became their go-to real estate agent and was involved in multiple transactions for many of my clients.

And they also referred me to their contacts to help them.

Not only did I build lifelong business relationships but also friendships.

There are many things that you can bring into your business to help you create and build these strong relationships and they aren’t difficult or time-consuming but can offer big rewards for your business.

If you’d like to find out more on how I built relationship building as a focus into my real estate business, get your ticket to my virtual event ‘POWER UP your 2022!’ where I share with you the shortcuts to help you have the best year in your real estate career, EVER! Join me for a 90-minute power session on the 22nd of February here:

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