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Prospecting Like THE ULTIMATE AGENT: Dominating the letterbox

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

When I talk about prospecting as THE ULTIMATE AGENT, I break it down into three elements to dominate.

1. In real life

2. On all the digital platforms

3. In the letterbox

But out of the three to one that I have found to help you gain traction in your marketplace and build your celebrity profile is by leveraging your listings and results via the letterbox.

So, how do you prospect like the ULTIMATE AGENT in the letterbox?

Leveraging your listings is all about using the information that you have access to first (before the rest of the industry!), your listings and sales, and using it to inform and educate your marketplace.

Implementing this process into your business is career-changing. Once you have it consistently operating you WILL see yourself getting invited into more listing presentations than ever before.

For every listing that you get, you want to distribute 5 letters to the neighbourhood AND post it out to any investors. These letters cover:

- Just Listed

- Auction Invite

- Under Contract

- Sold

- Post-Sale Prospecting

It’s important to invest time in perfecting your letters. Your letters are an extension of you and your brand, so make sure that they aren’t generic ‘Just Listed’ and ‘Just Sold’ letters.

They must be well written, tell a thoughtfully crafted story of the journey of the sale and provide real value and genuine information that is not readily available to the marketplace.

This is also your opportunity to step away from the sea of sameness of other agents that are in your marketplace. Use your letters to show off your personality, be authentic, show your marketplace your EDGE, your point of difference and why you are the best agent to appoint and worth higher commission fees.

Want to take it to the next level?

Communicate the same information to your hot buyer and pipeline sellers. Let them know about new relevant listings before they hit the market, when they go under contract and when they sell. BEFORE IT’s out in the marketplace. Share the same journey in your letters but tailor it to this audience.

You can communicate this message to your audience by using social media, e-alerts, letterbox drops and SMS to leverage the listing of a property from off-market, to launching on the market to sold.

Want more?

I have 3 different letter packs, professionally written, containing each of these letters to use.

Each pack has a different communication style from strictly professionally to conversational and friendly. You can check out which one suits you here:

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