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Prioritising your mental health and the positive impact on your real estate business

Running your own real estate business can be hugely rewarding, but at times shouldering the sole responsibility for the success or failure of the business can take its toll.

Often we can be tempted to focus all of our time and attention on building, growing and maintaining our businesses, but it’s also ESSENTIAL to ensure that you are taking care of yourself so that you are able to face any challenges in your business and still have the energy to enjoy life outside of work.

Managing your mental health means that you are able to show up as the best version of yourself. You’re able to be on fire in your listing presentations, showing up as a leader for your team and working negotiations to get a win/win result for your buyers and sellers.

Self-care may not be the top priority in your business life; however, it is the most fundamental – not only to your personal health and wellbeing but the success of your business.

Maintaining and prioritising your health by eating well, moving your body, prioritising sleep and having a mind practise such as meditation offers huge benefits, including better immunity, healthier body weight, improved sleep and even a sharper mind. It can have a huge impact on the performance of your brain, including enhanced learning and brain plasticity, neuroprotective benefits and depression alleviation and prevention. All benefits that boost efficiency on the job.

Prioritising healthier habits for yourself and your team can increase productivity and impact your businesses bottom line. A healthy team has fewer sick days, are more focussed and perform better, are run more efficiently and fewer wasted operational costs.

A great leader has a genuine interest in their employee’s wellbeing. Being a leader is saying to your staff, is saying ‘Hey, if something isn’t right either come to speak to me or someone you feel comfortable with and taking that time to talk about it.”

Prioritizing health doesn't necessarily mean a major overhaul where everything has to be changed at once. Neither does it mean that it needs to be a strict protocol that has to be adhered too. Small and gradual workplace initiatives can make a big impact. Real results can accrue from polices that are implemented into the business as a team.

The health and wellness of your real estate business and you as an individual are not separate issues, they are interconnected. Just like you draw on financial capital to invest in your business, you’re also drawing on your psychological capital to keep the business running.

Balance in your life comes from doing things that make you feel good. It could be small things like taking the time to enjoy your coffee in the morning. Find out what your ‘joy’ is and ‘Just do it!’

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