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Plotting your pathway to COVID recovery.

The last 18 months have turned the real estate industry upside down and forced us to innovate the ways that we have operated in the past. For those that have experienced multiple lockdowns, there have been even more challenges.

As we are move towards opening back up, now is the perfect opportunity to prep your business, plot your pathway and set yourself up to take advantage of the bounce back of the market. There will be an opportunity for business recovery if you set yourself up and be ready for it.

So, what can you do right now to help move you forward?

Before you get going, let’s look at your mindset and where you are right now. It’s time to focus on what you can do in this moment. Control all your controllables and park anything that you cannot control for the moment. This might look like focusing on your social media and building your digital profile or building out a rock-solid nurture stream. Focus on the things that you have access to managing at this time. Make a list!

Once you are refocussed, it’s time to look at these three elements in your business.

First: Automation.

What tasks in your business can you automate? This is time that you can save on repetitive tasks can be reallocated to dollar productive time if you automate it.

This can look like creating templates for your most common and repetitive emails or using your CRM to build email nurture campaigns for different client demographics or even text messages!

Any repeatable tasks that you are starting from the beginning each time, automate or template.

Second: Structures.

This environment provides you with an opportunity to look at your business on a day-to-day basis. Are you operating in chaos each day with only a loose plan? Or do you have a structure in place?

Now is the perfect time to set up business structures that hold you accountable and allow you to work with laser-like focus.

Start with planning out your ideal week. Create structure and diarise your weekly tasks. It’s important to highlight here that we do work in a reactive industry. Your ideal week sets out the task you need to do each week, however, it’s not rigid. It’s a guideline to follow but be flexible enough to be reactive when a new listing comes up or a deal needs to be closed.

Then create processes and templates to keep you accountable for all the tasks in your business. Think tracking your stocklist, outlining your prospect plan and KPI’s, planning your weekly social media calendar, tracking your monthly calls, track your pipeline sellers, hot buyers and changeovers.

Third: Building an attraction business. The final key is putting a plan in place to establish yourself as the agent of choice in your marketplace.

You can do this by:

  • Creating a killer digital presence by dominating your social media and online profiles.

  • Dominate your marketplace using personal advertising campaigns, PR & editorials, VPA, both online & print and get involved with your local community.

  • Build a tribe by providing exceptional service and keeping in regular touch. Think e-newsletters, text messages and handwritten cards.

  • Dominating the letterbox but leveraging your listings and sales successes.

The market recovery is coming, and it will be busy and fast-paced when it is here. It’s when you need to be focussed and present. So right now, use this time to set up systems and structures and plan your tactics for game day. Set these elements up right and they will help make up for any time spent out of the office.

Need more?

My #BuildYourBestLife Success Manual has all the templates that you need to keep yourself accountable. You can find it here.

My email templates outline 42 of the most common emails (and some extras!) that you will send within your business. Load them into your CRM and tweak them to your own personality! Find them here.

My letter packs and Blueprints can help you dominate the letterbox from listing all the way through to sale. You can find them here.

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