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My Three Biggest Learnings in Business in FY2021.

The way the world changed over the past 15 months, has forced us to change the way that we operate in business and in life.

2020 made me look at the way I run my business and function in a different way than I had before.

We’ve all had such varied experiences, some deeply stressful and traumatic and some on completely the other side of the spectrum, experiencing great abundance.

The start of 2021 made me reevaluate my goals, my lifestyle and even my values in a different light.

Here are some of the things I’ve learnt through the first 6 months of the year.


After the pace of 2020, pivoting, evolving, and pushing my boundaries, the beginning of 2021 brought with it the realisation that I don’t need to be operating at warped speed all the time. It’s ineffective and often taking a break can reinvigorate you so that you are more productive than before.

I also realised that this pace had run over into my downtime. I was turbo’ing my time off.

The time that should be used to recuperate, revitalise, and restore really wasn’t happening.

I learnt to become more aware of my time off and instead of trying to fill it, take a break from everything! (I can’t tell you how hard that was!)


You can say no.

Sometimes we fill up our calendars and diaries so full and then maybe have some regrets about saying yes later.

Give yourself permission to back out of things if they are no longer aligned with where you are in that moment. You can be dynamic with your decisions if you need to be and without guilt!


The start of 2021 has reconfirmed with me that building a digital attraction business is how we need to move forward in our industry. It’s the modern way of prospecting.

It’s reaffirmed for me that the way I work and the way I coach my client's works.

I’ve worked and built this style of business for years and through the hard and consistent work I’ve dedicated to my business, I no longer “traditionally prospect” people come to me.

After being in my coaching business for nearly 4 years now, I am now working with more agents writing over $450K per quarter than ever. Depending on their individual journeys, some achieving this in 12 months, some in 18 months and some even over 3 years.

With three massive learnings now under my belt. I’m excited to see how things can change, evolve, and grow over the next 6 months of the financial year. (After a proper break of course!)

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