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Mastering the presentation of your properties.

Did you know that the way you present your listings for sale can help you build your profile, generate leads and help you build your business?

Once you sign a property for sale, you need to prep how you are presenting it to the entire market. It’s not just about throwing open the front door for and welcoming people into your open for inspection. It’s about ensuring that you are presenting it in the best and most attractive light that ensures the best possible outcome for your client. It’s also about showcasing your skillset and ethos and help you build your business!

Over my career, I worked on and perfected three different areas that are absolutely critical to correctly present a property to the marketplace. Today, I’m going to share with you how I marketed, presented and conducted an open home or private inspection that ensured I was building my business with each and every listing.

How you advertise the property.

How you market a home can make a massive difference. Advertise the home correctly and you can reach a larger group of potential qualified buyers and increase the desirability of the home. How we choose to cast our advertising net will determine the number of qualified buyers that actually come through the home. Don't spend enough or do the right kind of advertising with the right size or the right placement of ads and you may not see a premium result. You want to ensure that your marketing package includes exposure across digital - both online platforms and social media, dominating the letterbox with DL’s and letters and dominating print.

The quality and content of your advertising needs to be exceptional. This will determine whether a buyer even chooses to inspect the home. Make sure that you have professional photography captured so that the home leaps off the websites and pages, incorporate virtual tours, videos and ensure that your copy is professionally written.

Nailing the advertising campaign can mean the difference between achieving an exceptional price and an exceptional outcome vs achieving a good price and a good outcome.

The appearance of the property – think visual appeal.

Every property should be presented to the market that will appeal to the buyer most likely to buy. This may mean that there is a little bit of work done prior to its launch. It’s really important to have your properties de-cluttered, renovated (if needed), deep cleaned and styled. Make sure that the street appeal is impeccable – the landscaping, the front steps and the porch, the fence, the gate and the entry.

Sometimes you may need to have the conversation with your vendors about the impact of doing a mini-renovation, or a coat of paint internally or externally can make the difference in terms of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Styling the home, while the ultimate option, doesn’t have to be a full refurnish. There are cost-effective options including linen packages with basic home furnishing. If the vendors have limited funds there are exception virtual styling options available as well. On the other end of the scale, you can have a house furnished from top to bottom or even have it completely sold with a furniture packing installed!

Conducting open homes and private inspections.

For each of your listings, you need to determine which inspection strategy is best. We love our open homes, you can take as many buyers through the property at that one time, conserving our time and creating a competitive environment amongst the buyers.

However, sometimes private inspections could be the best strategy, especially to take in situations where the dwelling has a high price point as there may be a limited buyer pool. Hosting an open home where there are not many buyers inspecting, does the absolute opposite of creating urgency and competition. It could even prolong the sales process and reduce the sales price.

Private inspections for second and third viewings are a great closer. It gives you more time individual time with the qualified buyer than at an open home.

When setting your inspection time, consider the best time of day/night the property should be inspected. Keeping in mind things like sunlight, school zones, flight paths, traffic and parking. If the property has a view when is the best time to experience it? Sunset? If it’s on the ocean, when the tide is in or out? What is the perfect time of day to inspect the property?

You want to make sure that any potential buyer that walks through the front door has the best possible experience of the home. If it’s summer, make sure the property is cool or has a fresh breeze. If’s its winter arrive in time to heat the home. Make sure each light and lamp is on when showing the home, make it as appealing as possible.

I always spray my signature scent before opening and I have two one for summer that is a coconut scent and one for winter with cinnamon and pine. This is a non-negotiable for me. I want every single buyer who comes through my properties to see that there is continuity, consistency and a care factor. And if they are sensory inclined by smell, then hopefully this will also create some more connection with the home.

Music is another ambient layer that can create good vibes, energy, and emotional connection. It can make the difference between an awkward conversation and awkward silences and a more relaxed and engaged inspection.

You’ve set the scene and now you need to ensure that you should have exceptional open home collateral as well. This should consist of your open home brochure, a profile on you as the agent, a company magazine, a letter from the sellers clarifying why they love your home and why they're selling (creating that emotional connection), your business card and an expression of interest form.

If you’d like to find out more in-depth information on how I ensure that the presentation of my properties guarantees me additional business, tune into my Build Your Best Life Podcast and listen to episode #15! You can find the episode on your favourite podcast channel below:

If you are looking for more sign up the #BuildYourBestiIfe Coaching Program to reboot your 2020 here:

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