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Looking back at 2021…

At the end of every year, I wrap up.

Not just Christmas presents (ha!) but I dedicate time to sit down and review the past year.

It’s a tool I use for setting up, reworking, and restructuring my goals for the year ahead. What it also does is bring to the forefront all the things that you have achieved over the past year. Things that we may have at the time brush passed or moved onto the next challenge in the moment. BUT with a little hindsight, are a huge cause for a celebration.

For the past two years this process has been a lot less predictable. With Covid entering the chat and keeping us on our toes A LOT of my original plans went out the window.

But that also provided me with the time and space to explore other projects I’d been dreaming of.

So, this year I want to celebrate with you…

In 2021 I…

Launched my very first ‘MASTERMIND. With Sherrie’ program. A 6-month high end, hand-picked, exclusive program for business owners, selling principals and high performing agents with a team or those wanting to build one. I brought together some of the brightest business leaders, educators, and innovators (Like Lorna Jane, Susannah George – Urban List, Nathan Sharpe – ex-wallaby and more) to share with the participants their strategies and wisdom for them to implement in your life. It was so amazing that I’m doing it again in 2022! Interested? You can find out more here:

I attended AREC for the very first time as an exhibitor! It was such a different experience than just attending and because of it I got to meet and help so many more agents looking to level up their real estate careers. I’ll be going for round #2 in 2022, so I’ll see you there!

2021 was a huge year for a lot of my coaching clients. I’m so very proud of what they have achieved and in such a difficult climate. 90% of my coaching clients either double, tripled or quadrupled their GCI in 2021. The sky is the limit for them in 2022!

I also moved into my very first office for my coaching business Real Estate Nation this year! It’s located in one of my favourite buildings in Brisbane at Hotel X. It’s made such a difference to how I work compared to working from home.

I also grew my team this year and almost double our size! We are now a team of six and I’m looking to grow even further next year!

One of the BIGGEST projects I’ve worked on this year has been launching my brand new foundation course ‘Million Dollar Agent’. It’s been a lot of work behind the scenes but I’m so extremely passionate about helping agents become the best they can be. Being able to provide my education and resources to those that may not be able to afford my 1:1 coaching or live too far away has been one of my goals for a very long time. The doors are still open to sign up –

There were a lot of FIRSTS in 2021 and with that comes new things to learn and challenges to overcome.. It’s been a big year and it’s safe to say the WHOLE team deserves a holiday!

Now it’s your turn, take time out and go through what 2021 brought you. What are you celebrating?

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