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How to take four simple steps and get HOURS back every week.

Eat, sleep, work, repeat.

Our jobs as real estate agents can often feel like we are operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But what would your week look and feel like if I could tell you that there are ways that you can get hours back each week.

This could be used to spend with family and friends, work on yourself OR if you’re that way inclined, reinvest into your business on dollar productive tasks.


Here are four easy tasks to implement into your business that will give you back HOURS each week:

Empower yourself. Put yourself in the driver seat of your business by stepping away from operating in chaos. You do this by building structures in your business, systemising your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and building out your ideal week.

This will give you the opportunity to forward plan and move you into a space where you’re not pulling things together at the last minute, rather have had them finalised days prior!

Think about the dollar value of your time and use it wisely. For example. Hire a copywriter! This is a unique skill, and your time is more valuable, to both you and your vendor, used on other tasks, such as making calls and doing transactions. A copywriter should be paid by your vendor in your marketing campaign.

Learn the shortcuts

Don’t try and re-write the book. If someone else has succeeded in real estate, then follow the way that they have taken, just add your own authentic personality to it.

Empower those around you.

Free your time by allowing those that work with you their own autonomy. Micromanaging staff to do things exactly the way you do it, just adds stress and time to your workload. If the goal is being achieved, allow them to do it their own way. Set tasks, projects and a workflow at the beginning of the week so they are productive and there is growth and tasks to complete during that week.

Creating boundaries.

One thing we are not great at as agents is creating boundaries around our own time. We’ll take calls and answers emails on days off and holidays. This does not help you relax and rejuvenate to ensure that you are at peak mental fitness, ensuring you are listing and selling to your full potential. So, plan out your time off. Put it in your calendar and if someone wants to have a meeting then, have the dialogue ready that you are fully booked out and suggest another time.


One of the most productive and efficient tools I used throughout my career as an agent (and something I still do today in my business!) is to TEMPLATE everything you can. A lot of our communications means we are repeatedly sharing the same information over and over again.

Create templates for your most used emails.

Create templates for your most used and successful letters.

Create templates on your phone for most sent messages!

This can be a big job to set and requires a significant investment of time to produce. So, I did the work for you! In my Agent Tool Kit, I have Letter packs, ‘On the Market’ Blueprints and the 42 email templates you need for your business. Check them out here:

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