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How to stand out as a real estate agent when competition is ferocious.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The current real estate market is firing (or has already fired!) UP!

With some states reopening and reinvigorating their industries and other states having booming markets things are starting to get ferocious and it’s a battle of the best.

Looking not that much further ahead, we are expecting to experience tighter lending restrictions, more demand for properties than available supply, higher quality agents competing in the marketplace and expect to experience agents in your marketplace dropping their commission or paying for marketing to buy the listing!

So how do you put yourself in the #1 position to take control of this type of market and succeed?

You want to set your business up, so you are operating as THE ULTIMATE AGENT.

Not having systems and structures in your business makes it unsustainable and you’ll be constantly hustling and grinding with difficult vendors with no loyalty. That’s exhausting!

A power agent has a business that is set up to attract new business. They nurture their clients which brings consistent repeat, referral business and a strong pipeline. You attract vendors who respect your advice and follow your instructions.

Let’s start with YOU.

One key element of being a power agent is building your own celebrity profile. Future vendors cannot find you if you don’t have a presence. IN FACT: ‘62% of customers WILL NOT CONSIDER YOU if they can’t find your information online.’ (Source - Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report)

Part of your operation strategy needs to dedicate time to consistently building your profile and by being anywhere and everywhere (online and offline) at all times.

You do this by:

✔️Creating and maintaining an exceptional digital presence – Check your profiles on Domain,, RateMyAgent, Your Agency profile, Google Business profile, your social media channels.

✔️ Build the right relationships with the right people – This includes people of influence in your marketplace (community leaders), local business owners and suppliers in the industry.

✔️ Build a tribe by providing exceptional service and keeping in regular contact – Be authentic, human and genuinely care about the vendors and buyers that you work with.

✔️ Dominate the letterbox, Dominate in real life and dominate digitally – Use your social media channels, Flyers, letters, leverage your listings and sales, use e-newsletters, personal advertising, engage in PR and editorials, be seen in your community!

Keep in mind. When building your celebrity profile it’s important that it’s a true representation of who you are and your personal values. NOT who you think an agent should be. Authenticity is key and your vendors and buyers will pick up on it.

What they see in your ads and public presence needs to be exactly what they get in real life. This creates and builds trust.

So, think about it. Who are you?

Next week, I’ll expand on how you can find your edge, and what systems and structures to have to support you in becoming THE ULTIMATE AGENT!

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