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How to prepare for a social media photo shoot.

Deciding to level up your social media is a game-changer and to level up your social media profiles you need to be consistent, forward-thinking and ensure you have enough creative prepared ahead of time.

Having quarterly social media photoshoots will help you create a content bank, remove the stress out of social media, and ensure that you are not always under pressure to capture images to post on social media at the last minute!

If you’re a first-timer doing your first photoshoot or struggle through them, here is how I prepare for a photoshoot and tips for the day!

One of the most important things that you can do for a photoshoot is prepare, prepare, prepare.

You have a limited amount of time with your chosen photographer to get the shots, so you must know what you want to achieve.


Before you start you need to have a firm idea of what photos you need. Look at the next quarter in your business and determine if there are any styled photos that you need. Then think about the type of posts that you take and what images would work with them. For example, talking about open homes on the weekend – you could shoot images with your open signs or flags. The images should be a collection of specific shots and generic shots you can use.

The next step is to create a photography brief. Search Pinterest, Instagram and photography sites and find images that represent the shots that you need. Find images that represent the style that you are looking for and poses that you can use for inspiration.

The photography brief should list the images that you need and want and includes all the images for inspiration. You can supply this to the photographer so that you are both on the same page.

If your feeling nervous, try practising some poses in the mirror so you feel comfortable with finding the angles you are happy with.

The Day Before:

Prep your tools - Have your bag packed and prepared for the shoot. Open signs, open flags, your listing kits, open home collateral, marketing collateral, pens, business cards, diary, laptop. Bring everything that represents what you do for your job or that you want to shoot with. If your car is going to be in your photos, make sure that it has been cleaned and vacuumed.

Prepare your outfits – on an average shoot, you may only have enough time to shoot in two outfits. However, it’s important to ensure that you have four outfits available. This gives you a safety net to ensure that if an outfit doesn’t work you have a backup! It’s always smart to have an outfit that is neutral coloured.

Prep yourself – get your hair coloured or cut, get your nails done. Anything you need to make you feel that you are presenting your best and most authentic self!

On the day:

In the morning take the time to get yourself ready. You’ll want to present professionally but authentically. Your photos need to look like you in real life so keep that in mind when you are getting ready!

Make sure you have everything you need for the shoot and review your photo brief!

At the shoot:

Photoshoots are quick. It’s about getting as many photos as possible in the time you have allocated.

Don’t be afraid to ask for critiques from the photographer, as you are working as a team to create unique content.

If you’d like more help and guidance, join me on one of my social media photoshoots!

You will get: ✔️20 professionally photographed and edited images, of you, that can be used on social media. ✔️My template and guide on how to get the most out of all your future photoshoots. ✔️Creatively direction on the day by me, Sherrie Storor! I'll be present to help guide and direct you through your shoot.

LEVEL UP your social media, find out how the day works and what is involved here:

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