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How to have a more dollar-productive real estate business.

Managing a real estate business can be a delicate balance of juggling a lot of different responsibilities. From prospecting, client meetings, open homes, listings presentations, negotiating and the list goes on (and ON!).

So how can you build a business that allows you to complete all the tasks that you need to as well as being dollar-productive?

Building a strong baseline in your business will help you move from operating in chaos into dollar-productive territory.

As an agent, you should be running your week from your ideal week plan.

If you don’t already have one built, an ideal week is an outline of how you would spend time in your business in a perfect week. It is a guideline for you to work off yet is flexible enough that you can adapt it to any important events that come up.

Your ideal week books in time for you to do your dollar-productive tasks and lock them in your diary.

To support your ideal week, one of the most important things you can do in your business is creating ROCKSTAR processes and systems.

Each element of your business has the potential to be automated and if you can streamline these processes so that they are done efficiently it enables you more time to spend making money and create consistency in your business.

You can create processes and systems for tasks like:

  • Listing to sales process

  • Conducting the perfect open home.

  • Planning out your prospecting

  • Running your auctions

  • The listing appointment process

  • Your contract signing process

  • How to collect your testimonials

  • Planning your social media

  • Templating email enquiries and text messages

Once you start writing out your list of tasks you can start to envision the processes that you can automate in your business!

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