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How to build the plane whilst flying.

How do you build the plane whilst you are flying?

Last weekend, AREC represented another first for my business and another project where we needed to implement an idea that we didn’t know anything about how to do it, let alone have systems and processes in place for it!

COVID pushed all of us into a period where we are rapidly innovating and pivoting our businesses but with this can come stress and chaos.

But I’m here to tell you that there is a way to make things run smoother and less stressful. It will also help you get comfortable with being in the uncomfortable.

Over the past four years of running my coaching business, I’ve tackled tasks that I’ve never done before. Like:

- Running a National event over several years – The Women In Real Estate Business Breakfast Series.

- Creating, designing, writing, and producing a book – my #BuildYourBestLife Success Manual + Daily Diary

- Starting my podcast – Build Your Best Life

- Running a Mastermind program, MASTERMIND. With Sherrie

- Starting, developing the curriculum, building the platform of my upcoming Sales School – The Sales Ministry

- Designing and building an exhibition stand at AREC.

All these projects were in the “unknown” for us.

We learnt and developed each one as we went.

This is what we discovered along the way:

  1. Everything is figureoutable (Thanks Marie Forleo!). Just because you’ve never done it before doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Look for people that have paved the way before you and learn from them. We live in such a blessed time that there is a course available for everything!

  2. Systems and structures are key. As you learn, build out your processes. Over time you’ll refine a template that can form a foundational baseline for every new project you tackle AND if you repeat a process over again, you already have the ‘how-to’ guide for next time.

  3. Allocate more time than you think you need. To build a highly valuable and quality product you need to invest your time into it. This is often something we underestimate. For example, with research, scriptwriting and pre-preparation a single podcast interview can be an investment of 6 hours prior to recording!

  4. Set up a 12-month project calendar. This helps you space out development and implementation time and keeps you accountable.

Each new project we’ve ever tackled we’ve learnt so much from! Now we have our foundations built we are able to improve and build on round #1 of each project and make round #2 even bigger, more value-added and better than before!

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